Monday, June 01, 2009

Trail Report as of 6/1/09

Spent the last week riding at Priest. The trails are in good condition and drier than usual for this time of year.

Here is a brief update on the trails I rode:

Lakeview #269 - Good condition, dry and clear of down trees. The top section on the lake side had several lose/ chunky rock sections.
Reeder Bay/ Kalispell Bay - Good condition, dry and clear of down trees.
Bulldog #274 - Good condition, dry with a two trees down (I think to prevent four wheel access.)
Woodrat #235 - Decent condition. The trail is clear and dry. Sections of the trail are fairly chewed up from 4 wheelers.
Kalispell Bay Translator Loop - Good condition a few small trees down on the jeep trail descent on the southside of the Lakeview Mtn area.
Glisan Mountain - Rd # 310 - Good condition until about a 1 mile from summit. Snow and mud for the last mile.
Mt Bismarck - Rd #313 - Good condition - Didn't descend the back side to Kalispell Creek Rd. #308.
Lakeshore Trail #294 - Did not ride it but someone who did reported that it was in good condition.

Please feel free to share any other updates.

Happy Riding


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